Friday, December 11

something peculiar and awesome.

So, we started Steampunk World's Fair with the idea that we would treat it like an actual world's fair, and see if we could emulate that.

Because of our ability to let things evolve and change on their own, it has taken on it's own life and personality. I am overwhelmed and excited by this. Mostly because it seems to no longer be World's Fair. it is in fact changed into something better. Myself and Whisper have come up with an affectionate name for the even:


It also has a bit of a Ren Faire feel to it, so that in fact seems to only make it BETTER for me. It's a Renisteam Faire. I don't know how we did that, but that's what it's becoming! The Names and Musicians that we have attending are fantastic, and are serving as it's own drive for World's Fair and the excitement around it. I haven't even gotten to the attendee list, and who is going to be there making this thing even MORE fun!

You can see the Artificers and Guests here.
Content is changing later tonight, as Whisper will be updating the list as of this week.

Then later this month we are going to go to a HUMANWINE show, and then have dinner with them afterward.
I'm not joking. That is the most surprising thing about that statement to me.

My life is kickin' names and taking ass right now. IN THAT ORDER.


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