Monday, December 21

100th post, wherein Whisper tries to make some $$ for the holidays, with special guests HUMANWINE, Gogol Bordello, and Brian Viglione!



We were holding off for something amazing and awesome, but I really really need to get this site out here.

I put off making an online store for a long time, but I have like no money to join in the secret santa the Dreadfuls are doing at TempleCon. Plus, I need new material to make more stock. So just trying to get that out there in the hopes that a few things might be taken off my hands. I really dislike having stuff from last season still with me.

If you can pass that site around to anyone you know who might want some steampunky earrings, chokers, bonsai, lolita hats, and so forth, I would appreciate it!

But that's the least important thing you want to hear about.

You want to hear about how Cap and I (and possibly the General if he can get down to NYC) are going to see HUMANWINE in New York at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on December 27th.

And you want me to invite you to come along, too, if you are in the area. ^_^

Well, consider yourself invited!

Tickets are only $8! Doors open at 7pm!

After HUMANWINE, if things work out, we may also join them for dinner. We might have dinner with M@ and Holly! Woot!

Plus, we're hoping to be able to hit up Gogol Bordello in NYC the day or two after them. They are playing Webster Hall December 27-29th.

Here are tickets for Gogol Bordello on the 28th!

The only thing that might stop us is the ticket price, which is like $33.

But then we have Clockwork, January 5th! Our steampunk dance night held on the first Tuesday of the month at the Radisson of Piscataway.

This time the theme is Steampirates Invade! We have DJ Baron von Crankshaft III returning, and a new DJ to give him some breaks. Plus the lovely Shadow Queen of "Psyche Corp" will be returning to sing for us, and SPWF performer Matt DeBlass will be bringing sea chanteys and songs of air pirates as well!

Last but certainly not least, we have a music video shoot at the end of the month we're filming with Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls fame. This video hopefully will include music by HUMANWINE, and will be an advertisement for Steampunk World's Fair.

This is so exciting! We cannot wait to dress Brian up in steampunk stuff. :D

All right, that's it from the land of the Dreadfuls. Over and out!


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