Wednesday, January 6

The Hayes nominated S.S. Icarus for a Shorty award on Twitter!

UPDATE AND NOTE: Be sure to list a reason WHY after "because..." and leave in the ellipses. ^_^

Look, guys, we have no idea what this is. But we want it.

That's why we get a point in egocentric ^_^

Anyway, if you're on twitter, just go on over to this:

or this:

Type in:

I nominate @ssicarus for a Shorty Award in #steampunk because...

and then list why. Some good reasons, you ask?

* We're EPIC (according to The Hayes. And The Hayes is never wrong!)

* We live out of an RV doing steampunk stuff all over the fucking place. C'mon.

* A little thing I like to call The Steampunk World's Fair. Maybe you've heard of it?

* Did I mention how full of ourselves we are?

* We're bringing you Professor Elemental. Yeah. We did that. (Don't know Elemental? "Cup of Brown Joy", google the video. Lucretia named his new album! He's going to rap in a song about us!)

* We're Steampunk Approved! BA-GOOSH!

Those are some ideas for you.

Seriously, it'd be hilarious and awesome. And we really need to get our names out there in the steampunk community a bit more. We've done a whole lot for this community but most of what we do is behind the scenes and less of the whole pictures and articles thing (which is equally awesome, don't get us wrong.) But it's really hard to EXPLAIN what Cap and I do.

And we want something more to add to our list of bragging rights.

Spread it around, Dreadites. Muwahaha!

Much love,


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