Tuesday, October 6

Book 'em, Dan-o!

Everyone should go book their hotel rooms for Steampunk World's Fair!

First things first: when you book your hotel now, you end up with likely a better room location ^_~

Then, you get a room that is actually AT the Radisson. If this hotel fills up- and it WILL fill up long before May 14th- there will be an overflow hotel. But that's just not the same, guys! Plus you'll need to get over from that hotel. It really just will be in your best interest, since we still have room, to get your hotel now. ^_^

Plus, when you get your room now, you help us out. See, every room we sell, that proves to the hotel that we have people interested in coming to this event. While we KNOW a lot of people are planning on going, that doesn't mean the people who are hosting us do. ^_^ So, the more people who book now, the more likely the hotel will let us do all the fun, crazy, wacky things we have planned- because they know we have a great party coming their way!

Let's do this thing! Help us sell out the Radisson of Piscataway faster than anyone else!!

Much love,


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