Friday, April 17

Over the river and through the Nexus Faire I go!

I'm out!

On the road to Nexus Faire for the weekend. Leaving in about two hours. Maybe less. Figured I'd hop online before I officially don't have a major port of birth. I actually think I lack that anyways.
But hopefully the weekend is fun. It has all sorts of things I I have High hoped for it.

My moped didn't sell for the 800. So I am going to contact the secondary buyer once I post this. It is really far more stress than it's worth.

Fixed up the Icarus a lot more. A LOT more. It still needs to have the waste tank fixed. A new Converter put in. It also needs a hot water heater fix. it has issues. But it's livable.

I keep coming here to post, and then I don't have anything worthwhile to say. I need to start making some substantial posts here. But I guess that will have to wait until I can get internet access on the road. Oh joy.

I really need to make this all work. I have not been doing so well in the confidence department. It's just blow after blow to everything I am trying to do.
I knew this wouldn't be easy...and I don't want to complain about my chosen lifestyle...but I think I am afforded the right to be upset. I choose to exercise that right.
This sucks.
I hope traveling is worth it. I need to know I can find something worth my time for once.

Well, I am off to try and make money and travel. Wish me luck!

~The Captain


  1. Good luck. Fare well. I wish you guys all the best. I'll think good thoughts for you on your journeys.

    Lord Bob

  2. Good Luck! I feel like adding a clique quote of its always darkest before the dawn, but now i just like saying blow something up if you need to feel better, heh. However I'm sure everything will work out.


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