Monday, April 20

Monday Monday...

Day 1.
We made the trip down to Nexus Faire late at night. After we visited Gideon, of course. About twenty minutes down the road, the Icarus starts smoking and slows down to fifteen miles per hour. We pull over and check the burning tires for what could have caused this. Nothing noticeable. We call Gideon and he comes with his father at ten at night, and proceeds to jack the Icarus up, pull off the tire, and tell us that our Caliper is rusted and frozen shut. Or whatever a Caliper is considered frozen.
They offer us crash space for the night, and the next day we go and buy a new Caliper, and Gideon puts it on for us. not only that, but in the process, he somehow fixes out brakes. We can also drive faster now.
Whoever inspected my RV did a shit job. I should have taken it to Gid and his dad to begin with.
Because of all of this, we bough the manual to the Dodge van that makes up the Cab. So I can read up or maintain the Icarus as well as I can.

Day 2.
We work on the Icarus, and then go out for burgers and Ice cream with the brothers. They treat us. A good time was had by all.
We leave for providence, and on the way there, realize that we pass by Nexus Faire. We lost all our spending money fixing the Icarus, so we can't pay. but we stop in to pay respects and let them know what happened. We ask the Chairperson, Mike, if he knows of a place to stay. He tells us to crash at the Con for a while. He then gives us comp. passes. We stay and have a drink, watch a Repo! showing with a shadow cast. Shout mean things at the screen for a while. Laugh. More fun.
Jess, a fellow steampunk, gives us food. We bring hotdogs to the campfire/drum circle outside. Play my drum, talk with a man named Jeff about working Wicked Faire and a number of other Ren Faire things he has going. Nice man.
After the music stops, everyone starts quoting Zoolander and sings the song 'what what in the butt'.
Good times.

Day 3.
We hang around and present our costumes and Panels to the faire. People come and talk to us. Take pictures. met some more interesting people.
Traveled to Providence. relaxed after the stressful first few days, and then stealth parked in a Shaw's parking lot. Got a good night sleep.

Day 4.
Here I am, at a public library, posting. We had a surprisingly good breakfast. I am amazed how much better I am eating on practically no money and a good amount of planning. I don't think I've eaten this healthy in years.
We managed to fill the gas tank again. Still have some money. But we need to scope out the city, find out where to try busking, and then get in contact with the Ocean State Circus. See what we can do with them.

Busy busy busy.
Without being in a rush.
It's kinda nice.

Off to e-mail and contact folks!

Hugs and Bludgeonings,
~The Captain

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