Tuesday, April 14

Yo ho ho and a glass of ick.

So here I am, sipping a rum drink, finding it repulsive, and craving a pepsi instead.

I am feeling rather productive today , when not perturbed at everything around me. The level of work I did today is on the high side. Not back breaking, though I do need a rest. Cleaned and organized the Icarus, installed a few things, made my first major prop (more than half way done...just need to finish the bottom and the hand piece. Pics to come) and I also am in the middle of selling my moped.
I am just waiting for the money to arrive.
I am going to miss howard.
But it came down to Icarus or him. Considering Icarus is my life, I had to leave him.

I have been having computer problems lately, and hopefully I can reset the thing tonight. I am rather upset...I lost all my writings, pictures, and MUSIC.
All of it is gone. My music is one thing I really wanted to hold onto. But it's gone. Along with all my personal files and photos.
So I am more than a little distressed. I am losing things at a rapid rate, and so far haven't gained much in return. Equivalent exchange my ass!

I am stoked about the Faire this weekend, and going to Rhode Island. We have several friends down there that I am looking forward to seeing. Plus I want to start working right away.

Need to be up early tomorrow. Getting the propane and water fixed...we've already lost the toilet. I am not losing the shower and stove!

~The Captain

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