Sunday, April 12

Countdown to lift-off

It is late, but it's been almost a week since anyone posted here. Tomorrow, Rapture and the Captain are working on a lot of the Icarus stuff we have left. I'll hopefully be finishing up the curtains I have left.

Once the Captain and Rapture have finished loading their stuff into the Icarus, I will load my stuff on. I have to figure out what exactly I'm bringing (clothes, costumes, props, craft supplies, gaming stuff, books, and art.) I know I'm going to have a real problem with the clothing/costumes because a lot of my stuff doesn't roll up small at all. The guys are lucky that way. I have a bunch of skirts that are just so much fabric ::sigh:: But the most I'm bringing is crafting supplies.

In other news, Captain and I are heading to Nexus Faire (in Massachusetts) this weekend. Rapture will join us on Tuesday when we are in Rhode Island. I need to figure out an outfit for warmer weather when it comes to the living statue stuff. I have my Odette mark 2 dress and plan to start doing the whole "doll" thing. But I would like to fashion up some more stone-looking costumes and a wig. It would be really awesome to be able to just... freeze.

Wednesday is the last day of packing, and Thursday morning we're grocery shopping. I need to make a list of stuff we should have for dried goods just so we make sure we have what we want. Thursday we head down to see the Brothers McManniss and hopefully get a roof-storage unit from them. Plus we need to return some props and get others from the General. Plus he has a lot of my kitchen stuff. Need to figure out what in there we have room for.

Basically: it's almost time to go. Technically 3 days, leaving on the fourth. So... wow. I am going to miss having my computer an awful lot. ::hugs::

...I'd also like it if my car would finally freakin' sell!! >:( I don't know how to get it anywhere from here if it doesn't. Arg!!

Sleep well, all.

Much love,

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