Tuesday, April 7

I am a Wanderlust King (I-con rundown...kinda)

I live on the road.

Things happened, and now the Icarus is flying before I was prepared. So I now live out of my ship. I am still deciding if this is good or bad.

I managed to Tetris my moped (howard) into the RV with the help of the McManniss Brothers. I was surprised it fit. Now I must decide if we should bring it, or sell it. Ugh. Not happy about that. I really like howard.

I will be drifting around Maine for the next two weeks, getting ready and repairing the RV until Nexxus Faire. We shall see how that goes. Once we are done with that, We will be crashing Rhode Island for a couple weeks/months...depending on how everything goes.

In happier news: I-Con was a blast! We had a lot of fun (and a lot of stress) on our trip...but we still kicked ass.
Got to see Matt perform in his band, L33t Str33t boys. Didn't know anything about them. They were quite fun.
Saw some awesome performers in the Cabaret. My personal Favs were Flynns Follies, and Worm Quartet.
THEN we got to see the Cosplay Burlesque...might I say, that is one good time. Especially when Rapture spends the entire show in the edge of his seat fidgeting and twitching and looking creepily at the dancers. Fun.

Plus, our panels went well. Which is ALWAYS a good time.

Too many new friends to list, and too many old ones to thank.

You know who you are. Thank you so much for everything you folks have done for us.

Seriously...sometimes people make me feel like a rock star.
You know...without the talent or sex appeal.

Hugs and Bludgeonings,
~The Captain


  1. Hello!

    I happened to run into two of you while at I-con and, of course, asked to take your pictures. Dr. Hugo happened to hand me your card and so here I am. I thought I would share the pictures I took.


    I've been interested in steampunk since I first laid eyes on pictures of it, but I never had the confidence in myself to create an outfit of my own. Well, with much thanks to your group, as well as all of the other lovely steampunks (is that the right demonym...?), I've already got two potential outfits sketched out and I hope to decide on one that I'll be making over the summer.


  2. I am glad to hear it!

    Send us pics of your outfit! We love to see other peoples work!

    We have encountered many other people who are intimidated by the idea of dressing in Victorian or period garb and running around like a whacked out time-traveler.
    I say go for it. Go all out! Have fun with it. You aren't doing right if you aren't having fun!

    Best of luck!

    ~The Captain


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