Saturday, September 12

Tom Brown rocks me like a hurricane

And he should rock you too.

Check out

Copper Age

And tell me- I DARE YOU- tell me that you are not instantly in love with this man's artwork. (I have a print of this one- if you want a print of this, or any of his other work, go to his deviantart page:


I met Tom and his son Kormac at PortCon Maine this year. I actually met a lot of cool people in Maine this past year...

But these guys were fantastic. And Tom instantly became one of my favorite artists- one, his art is gorgeous, and two, he uses pencil! Pencil! Hardly any good pencil exists these days. In fact, I was talking to Cap earlier about how in school I felt like people were telling me that if you drew in pencil there was something "lesser" about your artwork than the people who did ink, watercolor, sculpture. So I have a great amount of personal, artist-to-artist respect for Tom for the amazing pieces I watched him make over the weekend, as we sat next to him in Artists' Alley.

Please go check out Tom and Bryn's story of Hopeless, Maine. And, bonus! It's got a steampunk edge. As Tom said to me recently, it is "an alternate world story, with late Victorian setting, and trappings, paranormal, monsters, and magic/steam age hybrid tech." (And yes, many of those monsters have tentacles heh) The island is also cut off from the rest of the world, so they have to DIY a lot of stuff and make clothes from the remains of the old Victorian Era clothing. Totally awesome!

I've looked around online a bit already, and it seems that- even though the official launch was just today- this site is going crazy! People are really enjoying it. Copper Age is going to be huge and you won't want to miss it.

Much love,


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