Saturday, September 12

Ideas for the event!!!

I am awake way past the times I should be, thinking of things I ought not, and feeling like I need to be productive!

We would really like the Mad Science Fair to run. The only problem I foresee is that most of the makers and contraptors are hermit-like folk sometimes. We know so many people who can make amazing things, but tend to stay away from people. they are content to make their devices and toys, and go about their business.
So, if anyone has ideas on how to entice those strange and astonishing few into poking their heads out of their labs like meerkat long enough to present...speak up!
Or if you have ideas for devices, toys, props, furniture...start planning now! you have 6 months!

There is a lot more in the works, as well. Including a somewhat surprising offer from an unexpected benifactor. *ominous theramin chord*.....*quickly followed by dumb Ed Wood jokes*...*nevermind*...

Will the website ever be up? Can people start booking rooms yet? How will the Captain ever escape the crocodile pit below and the head hunters above...WITHOUT HIS WHISKY?!
Tune in next time kiddies! More news on the aether from Steampunk World's Fair!

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