Thursday, September 10

Deus ex MACH-ina

In Hackensack New Jersey right now. Whisper is getting a talk about her ankle right now, and tomorrow we will be finding an orthopedist to check her out. She's doing okay now, and Jeff Mach got us a Wheel chair! We are so excited to have that and be able to wheel her around. We got to go around the hotels for both Wicked Faire and World's Fair.

Speaking of...
Wicked's site was great, but I am scanning my mind for ideas on what to do with the space. I had ideas before, but seeing the space made me realize that we had the wrong idea of what we would be working with. So we will be finding some way to work on that.

Steampunk World's Faire....lordy am I excited!
The site is gorgeous and very accomidating. We have some great things in the works as far as that goes. Got ideas for the events and areas. Discussed a number of things to do that I had no idea we COULD do...found out what we couldn't was basically orientation for the event. It is officially underway!
Though you might now be able to book a room yet, simply because the contracts are being adjusted before they are finalized. Though there seem to be no problems, so it is just a matter of printing them and signing them now. HUZZAH!

I am also very excited about THIS:
absinthe Pictures, Images and Photos

So I must away for now...must discuss things, and prepare for tomorrow!


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