Sunday, September 6


So... follow up to Cap's last post- yeah. I broke my ankle. Sprained the other.

Immobility sucks. I am really gaining appreciation for what I lost, especially mundane things like being able to go into the bathroom without someone wheeling me down there, or go get a glass of water, or even just go into a room downstairs to stay out of peoples' way. Hell, of all the things I've lost with this break, I miss the floor the most. I love to sit on the floor, and now I am relegated to the couch. Harumph!

Anyway, I am resting. I made a little progress on the crutches today. Tried them twice and crossed the rug both times. The second time was much faster. I think I'm starting to understand the motions of how it works. I am, however, a little nervous about being on more solid ground rather than carpeting.

But yeah...

I will rest up, and hopefully get over to the Woods tomorrow with Cap and the General to fill out paperwork. And by the end of the week, we need to be out of here anyway- so we should be on our way to Jersey by then. With, I believe, my cat for Jeff.

I am a little sad he will be going to Jersey- I had hoped someone up here would take him in so that I could see him now and then. Though I suppose with the time we will be spending down that way next winter and spring, I should be able to see Auggie a little.

Anyway, I should give the comp back to Cap. And get some sleep. I hope I get a chance to write and draw some soon- if I cannot move around, I NEED to figure out how to sit with my feet elevated in a way that I can at least get that sort of thing done.

I say this to you: love your ankles!! Get calcium! Avoid my next 6-8 weeks. ^_^

Much love,


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