Saturday, September 5

ER trip last night

Myself and Whisper were walking last night, and we were crossing the street. Whisper hit a pothole at the edge of the sidewalk and took a hard fall.
I stayed with her and tried to help her walk back, until a man driving by stopped and drove us back to my families house. We woke up my parents, and got her to the ER.

Two hours, a few X-rays, and several INSANE people later...Whisper broke her left ankle and sprained her right. She needs rest to get her sprained ankle better so she can use the crutches. We might have to move the NJ trip back a bit...we are figuring it out. She also needs to see a orthopedic doctor...or whatever the proper term for that is.

Stress. Stress stress stresstresstress.

This has come at a most inopportune time. (does a break ever come at an opportune time?) Hard to prepare for this, anyway. She'll just be resting, and I will run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. It works out in the end.

We'll keep things posted her as they happen.

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