Tuesday, September 1

Ladies, gentlemen, and those undecided, may I have your attention please!

Earlier this summer, myself and Whisper started talking about running an event. A steampunk themed event that we would plan and host. We had a plan to call it 'A Dreadful Affair.'
Though I LOVE that name, The Dreadful Affair has not happened. It fell to the wayside, and we did not pick it back up.
I apologize to everyone who was interested in helping with it. We had a great response to it, and it really bolstered our drive to do it. I would love to have the Dreadful Affair happen one day.

We may have dropped the ball on this event, but there IS a reason.
We are going to be helping one Jeff Mach produce the "Steampunk World's Fair" next May in NJ.


There will be more news forthcoming. We are still planning and developing ideas for it...but I can give you a little hint as to what will be happening:

No...we are NOT kidding.

Hope to see you all there!


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