Monday, August 31

My cat needs a home or he will end up in a shelter

Hey guys,

So Nicole messaged me today to let me know that her and her husband can no longer keep my cat. I am not able to get an apartment any time soon, and even if I do end up in a place where I am stationary for a month or two, it would only be temporary. Plus, it might be renting a room from someone so I would not be able to take a cat with me.

They can keep him until the end of October. After that he will be going to a shelter.

Please let me know if you are able to help Auggie in any way. He is an 8 year old orange tabby cat. He is good with other cats. He can be a scaredy-cat, but he is very lovey.

Email me whispermerlot on the

He is currently living up in northern Nashua, NH. I am not sure at this point when if ever I would be able to take Auggie back- but if you were able to be his foster parent, I would be grateful. And likewise, if you were able to be his foster parent and then could no longer, I would try to find him another home if you told me you could not keep him any more.


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