Wednesday, August 26


We have not been updating as much as we should. We have been busy running around...or not busy being stationary. I am not sure which caused us to end the updates. Either way, I aim to make more updates!

So, to start...We did Pi-con this weekend. I was exhausted and stressed the entire time, so I was not exactly in a great mood...I never got to really enjoy the con. It seemed like something new was thrown in as soon as I started to enjoy it. It was just a rough weekend for me.

But now we are getting ready for Halloween! We are going to game this weekend, then hopefully get our paperwork for Witches Woods this season done. Then I need to start sewing again. I have several things I am going to make...I finally feel I have done some work that warrants a challenge. Only problem is the stationary thing. I would need to be somewhere for a few weeks while I did this. This is a recurring problem.
We've debated maybe renting a room from someone for a few months. Take that time to build back up and prepare for the next year. Not entirely sure how far along that plan is.

I also need to buckle down and make the Steampunk FAQ I had posted about on other sites. I really need to make myself do this. I have a terrible knack for avoiding things I don't feel a whole lot of enthusiasm for. I am just not that in the 'Steampunk! Rah Rah!' mood like I use to be.

Now, I say that, and people will instantly assume I am not interested in steampunk anymore. That's not the case. I am just in a place where I want a break from it. I've been pushing it for over a year, exploring it, and I have found the fascets I love and want to hold on to. Now there is a problem where I am finding fascets that are less than desireable, and it is just making me want to retreat into my shell and keep what I love to myself. I need to break that before it becomes too overpowering.
So no, I am not done with steampunk...I am just tired.
I am looking forward to a long stretch of spooky to cure what ails me.

One final note: We are going to be heading down to New Jersey in a week or two so we can check out locations for Wicked Faire and a possible other event that we will be working. We need to figure out what we can do to decorate and use the space. If you want to see us on the journey, speak up! Once we are done, we will be heading back to Mass to work our Fall season.

Hugs and Bludgeonings!

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  1. We'll be ready for you at BakuretsuCon you pesky pirates! Just you wait!

    -Lady Blackwood


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