Friday, August 7

Getting ready for ...Halloween? Yes. Yes, we are!

Hey guys, just wanted to put it out there that we are getting ready for October. We need to be a bit more stationary than we have been during mid- to late-September and then through just before Halloween.

We are looking to see if anyone in the general Witch's Woods area (Westford, MA) has a driveway they wouldn't mind us spending some time in (a few days at a time) so that we can be close to the Woods.

Also, preferably, people who are WORKING the Woods.

See, we are not comfortable with having our home at the Woods- tires have been slashed at the Woods before, after all.

So if someone who is going to be working the Woods has a driveway for us, and a ride in to work for us, I know this is a lot to ask but please let us know!

We are going to be working build (hopefully) and then the first 4 weekends of the Woods. The last weekend we will be up in VT for BakuretsuCon.

Thank you guys! Email me if you have any suggestions or help. ^_^ whispermerlot.. yahoo

Much love,


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