Monday, August 3

Halfway through the summer and still kicking names and taking ass!

MMF is now over...we finished our first successful Ren Faire, and look forward to working a few others. I did enjoy it a lot (though our routine kind of never took off...) and I spent more time finding ways to be useful and watching some amazing acts and performers.

Amongst the performers were T.O. The Mad Black Bard, Daniel Greenwolf, Lilith Lore, and one HELL of a band, the Gypsy Nomads.

Much thanks to Jeff Mach for inviting us along on this fun (and stressful) venture.

Even More thanks to Carlie and Matt, the Rennymooners, for being our surrogate 'Fairents' the past few weeks.

Now, Connecticon!

We met some fantastic folks there as well, and managed to host four greatly successful panels on Steampunk. We made out rather well from that weekend, with only a few incidents. (including the fact that Connecticon backed out of the crash space they had offered us, forcing us to find a place at 11:30 at night.)

Much thanks to the McMannis Brothers, and Dogtoon Media, and Magick (though I can't find her page to link it right now) for all of their aid. We couldn't have been as successful without your help.

We have lots of pics, and lots of things happened this weekend, but I will leave things up to your imagination. Except for this one have to see exactly how epic our panels can be!

ian rocking




  1. I was at the faire on Sunday with Evelyn & Geoff (G.D. Falksen) but didn't see you guys. Sorry to have missed you!


  2. Very nice. Sorry I missed that one, though the last two on Saturday were pretty sweet!


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