Wednesday, September 16

Let's talk shop!

We have recently come back from an interesting evening. Whisper now has a cast, we now have rooms available for Steampunk World's Fair, and Black Tape For A Blue Girl has confirmed with us, making them the second official performer at SWF!!!

I heard them first on the Projekt Dark Cabaret album, and rather liked it...and only recently found out that Brian Viglione and Nicki Jane both have joined them on their latest album. Needless to say, HUZZAH!

Oh, you are asking about the rooms part?
Rooms are now available. They are comfy, and pretty.
Every bed from the second floor up has a sleep number bed.
Go book now.

We also got neat-o business cards for the Fair.

Lots of plans are forming and coming together...but I have a proposal to anyone who is reading this...we have been trying to use names of Steampunk and Victorian literature characters in the naming of things. But our list is rather lop sided, seeing as we know the basics (Holmes, Moriarty, Nemo, etc) and the Horror (Mr. Hyde, Mina Harker, Carmilla, Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Moreau, etc).
So if you know of any character that is particularly important to you, speak up! You might get something named after them! (or something cooler...but that is a surprise!)

I am so excited. It seems like every day we get new information on who is coming, what is going to happen, and what we can do! Right now everything is happening rather smoothly...I am preparing for the day it doesn't. That day is coming, and I dread that day...but for now, I will dance around like an idiot as the World's Fair is built around me!

I'm going to need a monicle!



  1. My god, ALL of the Palliser characters!

    Plantagenet Palliser, Phineas Finn, Alice Vavasor, - and particularly Glencora Palliser.

  2. Here are a few for you from my husband and I:

    Burton - explorer
    Phineas Fogg - 80 Days Around the World
    Isambard Kingdom Brunel - built Great Western Railway
    Florence Nightingale
    Varney the Vampire
    Dickens and any of his characters
    Gunga Din (husband suggests for the con suite)

    Hope this helps.

    Lee Ann
    (Countessa Lenora)
    Steampunk Ottawa


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