Friday, September 18

A drop o' Nelson's Blood wouldn't do us any harm...

I won't be boggin' ye down with shouts o' 'Avast!' and 'Yo ho!' and the ever accursed 'Why is the rum gone?'
Who gives two shakes of a flounder's fin that the rum's gone?!? We have us gin, whiskey, wines, and grog! Ya can keep yer rum...and smash the bottle ore' Sparrows noggin!

This is the day we get to stop leaning on our steampunk laurels, and hoist the flag o' piracy! We be steam-PIRATES after all!
International Talk Like A Pirate Day (ITLAPD : ) Has been one of our big holidays for a while now. We usually plan a party, have a small get together, and dick around...which is what we normally do...except in pirate garb.
But alas...this year we did not get people together, and we are on the other side of NYC...which puts us in unfamiliar waters. Our ports o' harbor are north of here. A shame we can't have a get together. But with the work on Steampunk World's Fair underway, I say it was a somewhat fair trade.

In honor o' this fine day, as set forth by Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy, we will be samplin' that which entices us, takin' what intrigues us, and speakin' what can only be described as gibberish.

O' Course we can't have a Pirate day without some chanties!

The first song we be singin' is a near and dear one to me heart, seein' as it comes from mother Ireland. to paraphrase a mad bard, 'One great gift Ireland gave is cider, a strong and potent brew.'
The Johnny Jump Up:

Next we wanna sing a song dedicted to the man who made the most popular drink in the world...I myself might not be a fan of this particular refreshment, but if it has made this many people sing up in praise, I will raise a glass as well!
Charlie Mops, the man who invented Beer!

And to end this session, we shall bring to you a song about true love...and fish parts.
The Mermaid:

We may well post more pirate-y things today as they come to us...we may be forgetful with drink...or just lazy. Both are common afflictions for pirates.

So here's a toast to the fakers, like Erol, Rush, and Curry...raise a cheer to the pioneers, Teach, Roberts, Laffite, and Morgan!

Make sure to plunder, loot, booze, and wench your way through today, lads and lassies! You may not get a chance to later!

~Captain "is that a mast in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"Jeramiah Homer Winslow

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