Monday, June 8

Icarus update, and an event you may be interested in

The Icarus is currently being looked at by Ethan, a young man we met while visiting with Harley. Hopefully the large problems can be fixed in the next few days. And then we can head on our slow trek up to Maine, make some money, get other things fixed, and then head to Connecticut.



No help is too small, even if all you do is pass this on. You never know who can help.

We'd love to relieve you of your:

empty cans and bottles
jars of pennies (or silver heehee)

Did you mod something but will never use it? Do you have a small steampunk items shop online or off, and would like some promotion from wandering steampunk vagabonds? We will raffle these items off at conventions and will be more than willing to spread the good word about your work/shop/store/services. THESE WOULD BE A HUGE HELP! So I really appreciate it.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch...

While stressing out over the Icarus being broken, I wanted to look to the future, when she ISN'T in pieces, and when we can have some fun.

So, I've been talking a bit with the Captain about in August or September, when the con season dies down, getting a bunch of like-minded folk to spend a Friday night through Sunday afternoon together.

This event is still in her planning stages, but we're calling it:


We want to have a weekend, likely August 28th-30th, or otherwise September 4th-6th, where New England area steampunks (and any others who can make it) can get together for a casual weekend of steampunkery. Sharing information, networking, and having fun are what it would be all about.

We'd like to have a few workshops that we will be approaching people about, some live music from people who play old timey stuff (so if you know anyone, pass this on!); a steampunk LARP; tea time; maybe a steampunk Gentleman's Duel boffer tournament and one night a "speakeasy"; but definitely a great big campfire to cook hot dogs and roast s'mores!

Entertainers and performers are encouraged to attend!

So if this sounds like fun, let me know. If we have enough people interested (we're hoping for about 20-40 people to show interest) we will work on a location. [[NOTE: If you know a location, like a farm or field or gaming area that may be friendly to this idea, mail me at ssicarus at yahoo dot com]] We'd like to keep cost per person pretty low, so something around or under $20 for the weekend to pay for the site and some communal food.

RSVP and let's make this baby happen!

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