Thursday, June 4


So we have a problem.
Lets start small. Recently the front window of the Icarus (in the bed cubby) was smashed. Not sure by what. We have it patched, so that will hold.
Bigger problem: The Icarus decides to randomly stop working. We have someone's opinion on what is wrong with her, but I shall post the symptoms here so we can see if people agree.

1- The Icarus turned off one day several times when we would shift gears. That stopped after a few minutes.

2-Same day, the Icarus turned off when I hit the gas to pull through a crowded Worcester intersection. We spent the next few minutes starting her back up and having the same problem whenever I hit the gas. We had to wave people around us, while one of us worked on her. We then let her idle a minute, and she started moving. We proceeded to re-enact 'Little Miss Sunshine' and drove off. No more problems.

3-Last night, Icarus would turn off whenever we were stopped on a hill. if I had to pump the gas to give her the kick she needed to go up the hill, she would shut down. So we wound up rolling her back to level ground, starting her, and she drove up fine. But it seems like the force needed to start out on an incline makes her engine quit.

4-She seems to be overheating. We checked her coolant and re-filled it, and found a crack near the top of the coolant tank. But it was mostly full, and didn't cause too much spill. But the amount of coolant she used in one day is worriesome. When i checked, the engine was still VERY hot. but we hadn't felt it through the hood like before. So we need to figure that out.

That is what is wrong. We almost had to cancel out camping trip this weekend. But after the stress and confusion of the past week or two, we are pissed as hell, and are going to try and camp anyways, because WE DESERVE IT, DAMN IT!
Icarus should make it to the camp sight, and then once we are done relaxing, and figuring out our next step, we want to head up towards New Hampshire. If the Icarus isn't doing well, we may have to head straight to Maine to crash her, work Portcon in a few weeks, and hopefully fix her up some.

Here is where you come in:
We need help. Our money is low, because we spent our large sum on fixing up the Icarus for living. (namely, solar panels and tools) and shortly after the things were purchased and in use, the Icarus decides to stop running in certain situations.
So, we are putting out a call for any help we can find. Possible temp jobs, cans to recycle, pennies you don't want around the house anymore. Steampunk or Steampunked Items to Raffle at Portcon. Information on what might be wrong, and how to fix it. Someone who 'knows a guy' who can help us repair the issues with the Icarus. (if you have made it this far, I will tell you that we have been informed it may be the vacuum hose in the engine is leaking...and the man-hours to find and patch it would kill all our funds.)
We have food and supplies to last us through Portcon. We stocked up. We can survive that. But we need places to park and rest the Icarus while we search for a repair man, and we may need to at least know someone 'in the area' where we are traveling, in case we have an emergency and just need someone to call for info on the surroundings and maybe a place to shower and rest a little bit before trudging back out.

Itinerary: (subject to change) We are in Lunenburg Mass, right now. We are going to head down to Chepachet tomorrow for the camping. We need the brake. Then we are going to either go to New Ipswich, New Hampshire, Followed by New Boston, New Hampshire; or straight to Brunswick Maine. The former was the original plan, but if Icarus can't handle the extra three hours, we may bail on that plan and head north on 495, 95, and 295 (not in that order) all the way to Brunswick.
Anyone along the way who knows of a way to help, we are more than happy to stop.
We will try and keep up with out internet over the next day or two before the woods. then we will religiously be online when we aren't working on some way to save money, make money, or fix the Icarus.

Two months and already, close to disaster.
If this wasn't my chosen lifestyle, I would be SOOOOOO fucking mad right now.

I don't like to think of us as a charity case. If we can do ANYTHING to pay for your help, or repay you for something later, we will do it. (maybe not anything...sickos...) But this is the first time I am passing the hat around. I don't expect anyone to pay for our repairs, but if anyone at all can do something to aid, we will be eternally grateful.

We are going to go call a local auto repair man to find out if he has any ideas on what it is, or how much it might cost. hopefully he doesn't waste our time.

I've been quoting 'Firefly' and 'Serenity' religiously the past few days. It fits way too well. I am very much in a mood of screaming "Did the gorham bumper panel just fly off my ship?!" at anyone nearby me. Ugh.

Keep Flying.
~Captain JHW

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  1. I read "in Lunenburg" and was like "...really? Why there", then I remembered you are my friend Cate and Krystyne's cousin, haha.

    If only I had some extra money or stuff to lend for a raffle I would. I have various text books and Java books I was gonna donate to the library, so if you want those you can take em! If you will be at KJs party, I can give those to ya *shrug*


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