Tuesday, June 9

Crumbling apart at your fingertips

So the Icarus seems to have been running off sheer willpower and duct tape alone.

Ethan's been working on her this afternoon- some things were easy fixes while others were discovered that need fixing which we did not know about. And still other things crumbled apart at his finger tips from having rusted out. He found a bunch of things that were "bonafide GNDNs" or "goes nowhere, does nothing", which turned out to be things that should in fact go somewhere!

We just took a lunch break for an hour, and now I think we're heading back out there. The Captain and I are going through the Icarus, looking for things which we know to be Rapture's, and getting them out for him so he can get to them easily. Also, this is creating a lot more spaces for us to put things. In the end, Icarus will be a lot more organized, mostly because we will have the places to put things. And the back bathroom/storage closet should be easier to move around in to get whatever we keep back there.

But it looks like, in the course off all Ethan's fixing, we have mostly run into more things that need fixing. At one point, he showed us something and said, "I have no idea how this passed emissions" because the piece that was supposed to be there was gone and therefore definitely NOT doing its job. So, yeah, whoever inspected this thing really did a shit job of it. And totally just looked under the hood and went, "Yeah, sure, fine. It's good to go. Have a sticker!"

We're going to get as much down now as we can, before heading off in a few days.


In other news, people seem to be liking the idea of A Dreadful Affair. So if you are interested, too, please let us know. Leave a note here.

Once we have about 20 confirmed, we'll look into a site to host this at. We've had a few places suggested, elsewhere, but that are already booked for those weekends. I'm thinking something more along the lines of "Hey, we have this field..." may end up being all we're offered unless some steampunk happens to know someone who knows someone.

Ideally, we'll find a place that can host 20-40 people, that has small cabins, a good sized field, a Hall, and bathrooms+showers. That is the ideal, of course. And really, if we had that, we could run anything and everything we've been considering running! ^_^


And once more:

I'm still looking for people with


That I can raffle at the places we go so we can fund the Icarus repairs.

I don't know if I mentioned it here, but over on the livej steampunk community, someone had asked me about a PayPal account they could throw a couple bucks at. If you find you would like to help us in some way, but have no hand-made or modded steampunk items to go to the fund raising, but have a few dollars you want to toss at our feet, my PayPal is vigokosaru at yahoo dot com Again, this should work, but if it doesn't, let me know.


We are heading up to New Hampshire probably Thursday, maybe Friday. We will hopefully be in Maine with Rapture by Monday, since PortCon is that following weekend. I still need to make a villain outfit for that, but things aren't looking so hot on that end. I'm going to try to hit the Savers around here, see if I can't find anything that sparks my creativity.

Come see us at PortCon!

Much love,

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