Tuesday, May 26

Timorous Poltroon!

Anime Boston is over (thank god!)
Longest weekend of my life. More things happened than can be named. Suffice to say, work was done, panels were run, jokes were made, late night games were played, rooms were crashed, photos were taken (by others!) and we encountered the LARGEST gathering of New England Steampunks I've seen to date. 
Photobucket(I know, Arisia was larger...but is wasn't a gathering... it was more of a 'see and be seen' event. It looked promising... but it wasn't my cup of tea. there also wasn't a general air of camaraderie like this AB gathering)

Plus, we sold a bunch of stuff.... so much so, we are spending the next few weeks before portcon going around new england and treasure hunting. We need thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, antiques stores, junk shops, and dumps. STAT!
If you know of any between Rhode Island and Maine, message us!

Tomorrow we go shopping, and then we leave to find a place to crash for the night. Thank god. I don't like being trapped like this. It was never my decision to stay here. Rapture and Whisper wanted to stay here the entire time... let's hope next time I can actually have a say in what we do.
No, I'm not bitter... honest!

Well, thanks to everyone who made AB less painful, if not fun! Hello to all our new steampunk friends and allies... as well as all our new encounters on the way.
We hope to see and hear from everyone soon!
(but not too soon... my laptop is being fixed. I won't have internet for a few more weeks)

To new friends, old foes, and an unfamiliar bed tomorrow!




  1. oh yes, we are a comely yet surly bunch, sir. please contact me ASAP (about camping with us here in RI perhaps?)
    or anything else, correspondence requested.

    -Dr. Cincinattus Heron

  2. Well, there's always the Amherst (NH this time, just so you don't go galavanting out to western mass again) flea market, or the big one over in Gardener, MA. If you hit either of these, let me know. I'm not going to have anyone to go with after Ed leaves.

  3. It was good to see you guys! i miss you all <3


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