Thursday, May 21

Heading to Boston for the con!

So this weekend is our first convention since we left solid ground.  The rest of the Dreadfuls will be there, and everyone of our extended family with I believe the exception of my best friend, The Baron.

We leave tonight at about 5.  We still need to stitch up a few things, pack up clothing and costumes, and do all grooming and cleaning type things to make sure we don't start the weekend as smelly otaku.

It should be interesting.  We have a LARGE room for the panel, which surprises me since they had us jump through so many hoops in the first place to get the panel and then they put us in a ballroom?!

I just hope that Baku staff is there early tomorrow so that I can get in and set up our table.  I need to work Baku's table a bit, but I'm hoping some of the other Dreadfuls who want to go to Baku this year will also help out.  Shouldn't be that hard. ^_^

Anyway, see some of you there!

Much love,

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