Wednesday, May 20

I can feel the excitement burning

I've been having trouble this past week when it comes to sleeping.  I will stay up and get tired, and be like, holy crap I have to sleep.  And then I get into bed and my body is tired but my brain wakes back up as I try to figure out what I need to do, who I need to contact, wonder about what will happen at AnimeBoston, and just generally try to put myself in a mindset that is appropriate for all things.  You know, keep myself in check and make sure I'm not getting my hopes up or taking things to mean more than they do and that I'm a healthy distance from things.  Reality checks, as they were.

I really hope that, when AB is over, this goes away.  Because before I got excited about the coming con season and it burned into my brain, I was pretty good about passing the hell out once my head hit the pillow.

As the Captain said, though, we spent a night out hanging with Ximon and Grant from TempleCon.  I really wish we had been better able to get in touch with them while we were here and not just the last week of our stay.  They were a great time.  And we helped them save a stray/lost kitty.  Did I mention this? I may have.

Last night, or yesterday rather, I got a call from Baron von Fogel seeing if we were up for hanging out and if he could bring a fellow friend who was into steampunk.  This sounded like a good plan, ,and it was.  I was especially amused because- as we pulled up- I saw von Fogel had something in his hands.  Captain recognized it as what it was.  And I laughed and said "Von Fogel must really like us if he wants to show of his stemapunk'd -that thing-."  Well, turns out he didn't want to show it off: it was what he worked on with the friend, Adian, while they stayed up on Sunday night working on an 8 page paper to distract them a little bit from it and not burn out.  It was something he had scavenged from the Brown students, who had left campus this past weekend, and he said, "I couldn't justify shipping it back to LA, so I figured I would give it to my steampunk friends."

It is awesome.  It had to have a few actual repairs done to it, which makes it look 10x cooler.  And we are totally bringing it to AB to harass people.  I'm not saying what it is until after the con though, because I want to see people's reactions rather than read about them. ^_~

So today is our last full day here at Katie's.  She said we may be able to get some On the Borders, my favorite restaurant that I haven't had much of since the one in Nashua closed.  I need to work on more stuff, some drawings, etc.  I gave up on the two bustles I was planning on making mostly because we got nothing done Monday (after being up till 730 am having hung out with TempleCon peoples) and nothing done yesterday after not being able to get a gps to help us get to a craft store, finding out that the shattered window on the Icarus' top cab has disappeared (completely busted out now- not just spider webbed) and we had to patch it up (Icarus now has an eye patch...), and then seeing von Fogel and friend.  I just don't have the time for it.  I will bring the stuff to make them, just in case I want to build at AB.

But yeah...

Tomorrow, we take the 4-something train into Boston to hang with my friend from high school, Liz.  She is letting us crash at her house.  And then I need to get up super early Friday to get into AB and start setting shit up to sell things.

Wish me luck...


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