Tuesday, May 19

Long stories, short posts.

Quick transmission.

Last week in Rhode Island. Found out Ximon and Grant are RIGHT AROUND THE FUCKING CORNER from where we had been crashing. I hate when that happens.

Watched a shit ton of movies, talked about everything we could think of over the past week, and worked on items to sell for AB.

Heading up north from here... after Portcon, heading south with any luck.

Had past interests re-kindled. Need to work on them. Also need to read more.

I really need to fix my computer. 'NTLDR is compressed' keeps me from even starting to load my OS. Then the simple solution to the problem is impossible, because it won't read CD's at all. Then my External Hard Drive was corrupted by this. My laptop has fucking robo-gonorrhea... the noisy killer.

Need to find a way to make some more money. AB might help a lot, but I want enough money to travel AWAY from here for a while. I am noticing that we are New England locked. Mostly because of previous obligations. I hope to fix that.

Anyways...I just had breakfast for the first time in months, and my day should be spent getting ready for the convention. Cleaning the Icarus was a good time. Ximon and Grant were fantastic as well. Lets hope everything goes half as well as it has been the past few days



  1. Well, if you bring it to AB, I can snag it and do my best to reload the OS. If the HD is completely bricked I might have a spare or two floating around. you guys need more computing power on this trip.

  2. Same goes for Rapture's if he wants me to just reload the OS from scratch. I don't think I'll be able to fight the virus off it.

  3. I'll bring mine. I just was going to re-install my OS...but it won't let me use any cd's...it's strange. my computer got better, and was fine for a while...then just shut down.
    but I'll bring it to you when we are in the dealers room.


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