Thursday, May 28

On the road and at libraries once more

Quick post:

Back on the road after Anime Boston. We made a good chunk of money, but not what I was aiming for. We have PortCon coming up so that will be a good time! We are running a few events:

Saturday June 20th at PortCon Maine

Steampunk 101: Where Are We Going and Why Am I In This Dirigible?
(An FAQ on Steampunk!)

"Impromptu" Steampunk Photoshoot
(Talk to us throughout Friday and we'll figure out where we're hosting this! Bring your camera! Or a friend with a camera if you're coming in your steam-finest.)

Steampunk It! DIY Props and Costume Making
(Our infamous props and costume panel... now in a 2 HOUR SLOT!)

Sunday at PortCon Maine
Several of the Dreadfuls will be entering the Boffer Tournament!

Other than that... I'm looking forward to camping with our new rivals, Dr. Heron and Lady Blackwood next weekend. And going to The Toadies concert this weekend. I've really needed Toadies. It will be a nice recharge. ^_^

My tiny top hats sold like crazy- this makes me happy that people liked them so much.

We're also hopefully going to be doing that ren faire in CT next month, but not sure about out CT-Con status. We may just be there Friday for the con.

Rapture is getting off the Icarus for a few weeks. I'm going to miss him. :(

But right now we are all together, and at The Baron's. And about to go home to his place to play some Magic the Gathering, and then I'm going to work on more tiny top hats and tiny bowlers. We may even have a bonfire tonight.

And Rapture won't be gone forever, just a few weeks. I can tell he really, really needs it. The road isn't entirely for him, but he loves us- cause we're his crew, his family- and he wants to keep doing things. But he feels more useful building stuff back at his house. Which, to me, makes sense.

I had a good time at Anime Boston, and met a bunch of new people. And Max, if you read this, email us! People are looking for you on the AB forums!

I stayed up all night Friday, didn't get to bed until like almost 3am Sunday morning/Saturday night. I ran into the Captain around midnight Friday and we got a game of Are You A Werewolf? going. And people hunted us down the next night to play again. I also ran into Mike, one of the GMs from TempleCon's LARP! He even ran a round of Werewolf for us on Saturday heh

But yeah...

I should get going, have only a few more minutes to check everything.

Pretty much: I am okay. Frustrated at times, feel like I'm in the way a bunch, and don't like the cycles of "everything's good/everything's awkward" but I'm surviving.

Love you, guys.


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