Thursday, April 23

My turn!

A few mins left at the library:

I am well.
I am tired.
I want better access to bathrooms at night, but ah well.
I am cold often at night. :(
I miss my kitty something terrible. He keeps popping into my dreams.
I am knitting.
I am with friends.
I need to have teh skillz at something.
I am not sure about a lot of things, but know that my life is pretty awesome. Even if this is the only moment when it is.
Providence and her surroundign areas... not bad. And BEAUTIFUL.
Need more cons and places to sell our stuff...
FORGOT the mini-Alans!! WTF!? Grah! So mad.
Still hoping the Captain's moped sells, Doc is trying to do that for him.

I want to type more but can't. But figured I should, since the Captain has been the only one posting for a while.

Much love,


  1. Whee! You're off! How awesome!


    Cat Dancer

  2. INDEED!

    Also, we are trying to find a solution to RV parking for certain conventions. We are hoping to get Baku to okay a few RV's. We did that with you in mind specifically.
    Next time we meet, we shall have to do tea or something!



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