Friday, April 24

Words muttered by an ingrate.

We are off to a goth club to bring some steam punk tonight!
Apparently we are on the guest list.
We also seem to be gaining notoriety. I have been noticing people getting excited when they find out we are the penny dreadfuls.
I need to figure out what to say to people when they ask what I do. Everyone want's to know what we do. It's one of their first three questions. We never seem to have the right answer. We get confused, condescending, shocked, and all around peculiar stares when we attempt to explain. There's gotta be a better word for what we do.
We also need to make more money. Manual Labor is fine. Gonna hit that up on Monday.
Saw the Ocean State Circus Performers today. Still really impressed with Poi. Friendly bunch. Hope to hang around them a whole lot more.
We may also have a driveway for a while, starting Sunday. That would rock!

I feel like I should talk more about my personal feelings and opinions of what I am doing...but this seems far too...I don't know...Vain isn't the word. Neither is Self-indulgent...
Basically i just don't want to bog this down with my personal trauma and prejudices.
We did this in the hopes of doing some good. Not just for ourselves but whoever we meet. Each day my world gets smaller, and each day I start meeting PEOPLE. Not just faces and names. I am finally meeting People. It's a new sort of feeling.
I just hope I can keep us going.

"...and if you can't crawl, inch. Just keep moving."

As stressful, painful, unaccommodating, and rough as my life has been...
I fucking love it.

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