Wednesday, April 29

Damn you, LaborReady!

So we contacted LaborReady.  That is a bust.  Seems that they don't have an application interview until MAY 20TH!  O.o?  Really?  Geez!

Now our plan is to look into temp agencies and see if we can't find a little work with that.  But Katie's parents have also offered to have us work around their house a bit, since her father really shouldn't be raking the rocks out of the backyard.  We're happy to do this!  Especially since they have been so amazing to us these past few days.

I just had a bit of a conversation with the Captain about Star Trek: Next Gen, and Deep Space 9, and now I really want to watch all 7 and 5 seasons. ^_^

Last night we watched "Kino's Journey".  It was interesting.  I liked some of it a lot, but overall it left me wanting.  Katie said their are movies that follow it- I think I need to reserve judgment until I've seen them.

Well!  Gonna go eat some burgers!  Rapture and Katie will be back soon with new rakes for the rocks, too.

Much love,

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