Friday, May 1

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I'm heading out in a few to go to Salvation Army with Cap, Rapture, and Katie.  But yesterday was a good day.


*Saw The Baron, Lucretia, Gideon, and Edward!

*Saw Wolverine, which I ultimately had fun at even if most of the other people at the midnight premiere were less than pleased. I could have stood to have Gambit actually have an accent the *whole* time; the kid slipped a bunch.  I guess the cartooon X-Men version will always be Gambit to me, just as Mark Hamill will always be my Joker.

*At the theatre, a kid came up to the Captain and I and asked if we were steampunks.  He was so amazed to actually meet people who were steampunk- it is still very underground, even though we don't feel that way.  The everyday person doesn't see it that much.  Especially in New England, where it is all spread out.

*We then got recognized as Penny Dreadfuls when we went into the theatre.  It got us the seats we wanted, too.  Otherwise the kids were not going to stand up and let us in. Ha!

So yeah.

Gotta get going, but just wanted to check in.

Much love,


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  1. Greetings Miss Merlot!

    Apologies for not writing sooner, as i've had quite a lot of personal items to slodge through. I wanted to wish you luck and am happy to see things are going well. I believe you might find success near Boston, MA. See you in CT!
    -Prof. P.


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