Monday, April 27

Creature comforts

Creature comforts are nice.  Things like not boiling inside an RV at 90 degrees.  And your milk not going rancid just by sitting in your not-plugged-in fridge.  And being able to take a shower, do your laundry, put on make-up, wash your hair, cook your food, wash your dishes.  Spread out on a bed.  Watch a movie, or a television show, or go for a walk without worrying about your home being broken into/ticketed/messed with.

These are things that are easy to learn out here.

But what I like is a fan blowing.  And the ability to casually lie in the Icarus because I want to, not because I have to.  To plug in my phone and see full charge in the morning so I can later talk to someone for two hours.

I have a good plan on what to make.  I talked with Ashley today and we worked through some things about what I should be working on for AnimeBoston, to sell there.  So I wrote down my list of things, and I'm gonna get working on them.  I also have a couple things on my list that I think the guys would like to make, or that maybe they could at the very least work on for me if they would be so nice. ^_^

We spent last night, tonight, and will spend likely through Friday here in the 'burbs of Rhode Island.

It has been fantastically good for the mind, the stomach, and the cleanliness of the body.  I thank Katie, our hostess, and her parents- and Sarah for introducing us to her.

Tomorrow, when we wake up, Captain and I are heading to check out the LaborReady and figure out when the best time to go in would be to get work.  Hopefully we will be able to get to work tomorrow maybe too?  Then Wednesday, Rapture and I will go in (hopefully.)  And Thursday, Rapture and Captain will go in while Katie and I do some baking (yay!)  Then Thursday night, we're heading with her to Manchester, NH to check out a midnight premiere of the Wolverine movie.  I think we are spending the night up there, then coming back down here Friday.

Saturday, we're seeing the Ocean State Circus performers again, during a rehearsal.  Hopefully Simon will be able to talk to the Captain about setting up some time to chill together and him learning some poi.  I would like to, Saturday and Sunday, hunt down a nice town commons to try out our busking.  According to Katie's dad, a former cop, Rhode Island is pretty nice about busking.  The only thing we'll have a problem with is Waterfire- which is the second time we heard that the guy in charge is all about the money money.  Sad, really.

Jess, whom we met at Nexus, has suggested we try out Northampton, MA which is a great idea.  I really enjoy Northampton.  We just need to find people we KNOW there, before we go.

I am happy that RI is good with not bugging people about this sort of thing, though.  I think, too, that starting small and going to somewhere that isn't the City will be good.  Give us a chance to try things out without a terribly scrutinizing eye.  People may be more forgiving if we are not perfect.

But... I am going to try to get some sleep.  SE7EN is on... it reminds me of when I had a Halloween party and Ross dressed as the killer. ^_^  They're about to receive the box, and that wisp of hair will waft out of the top.  Ohh, delightful.

Much love,

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  1. You guys are going to be in Manch? For X-men? Oooook? Gunna go to the Imax or something?

    Well, if you have the chance, we'll be at Denny's Thursday as usual if you wanted to stop by and say hi.


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