Wednesday, March 11

Preparations are being made.

Icarus is in the shop right now. She needs herself some repairs, and it will be a few days. I am a little nervous, which is new to me. I am usually not this concerned about something like that. Hell, I have grown up around hospice patients, and had less anxiety about their deaths and well-being.

I got to drive her for the first time. I put the plates on and drove her around as I got her to the shop. It was a strange sensation. I felt like I was over-compensating for such a large vehicle, but according to my mother (who was following me) I drove it extremely well. I just feel like I need to be more confident. I also need to adjust to this new mood I am in. I can't put words to it. It doesn't feel real...or it feels like something new entirely.

Plus, now that I have the means, I need to find the end. (I believe I am using that phrase properly...but I've been wrong before!) In April we ship out, and I need to find out WHERE we will be going first. My first concern is to find us a temporary income. Or even just a single job. Someplace other than here. I would like to head south. Not all the way south...just south enough that I am not cold.
I am noticing that spring is starting to show. Which means that outdoor events should start soon. If anybody knows of Ren Faires, Re-enactments, or anything requiring performers, artists, costumers, makeup, etc...Please let us know.
We need to build our network. I would prefer to have a starting point. But if we don't, then that's our first hurdle.

Sp speak up! We will need help to make this work...I simply hope that we can repay any aid for us in kind.

Cross your fingers kiddies.

~Captain JHW

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  1. - Ren fairs by date. I'm told the CT ren fair is really good, but I think there's like a 4 week obligation to them. - numerous different cons by date (anime, gaming, movie, sci-fi, fantasy, etc...)

    I'm not often outside of New England, but if I hear of anything specific I'll let you know.


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