Thursday, March 5

So I was handed my wax wings this afternoon...

I have been VERY out of sorts as of late. I'd say downright depressed. I've been caring less and less about things. Even things I cared strongly about before. It all built up until I stormed out of my own birthday party last week, refusing to go to dinner and have my own birthday cake and presents. I love drama...I love using theatricality to get a point across...but that is not one of those moments. It was pretty rough. I didn't speak to my family for a few days. I couldn't think of anywhere else to go, so I was trapped, or walking the streets in a snow storm. Hard place to be.

SO my dad calls me this morning, and tells me to get dressed and come outside. Him and my mother are in the car. I get in and they proceed to have a small fight with me. Then they show me the RV they are buying me.
I signed the Title this afternoon, and next Wednesday we are registering it and giving it a tune up. I am lying down in it as we speak. I'm spending my first night in my Ship.

I swear to god my family is bi-polar...or they are playing some sort of sick game.

But either way, we have an RV. We leave in April...just so you know.

Pics to come!

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  1. Holy SHIT, man! Ummm...well, it's an interesting family you have there, but it seems that they really want to see you happy...

    So call it good and ROCK ON!


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