Thursday, March 12

I'm not dead yet!

Just checking in, saying I'm not dead. With the Captain as the owner of the RV, and the only one currently in any close contact with our new Icarus, I have very little in the way of prep report.

So, what I have been doing is just knitting up some stuff to sell at cons (not necessarily steampunk related- we all found at BakuCon that impulse buys will get us everywhere!), working on the comic (I'm no where near done with my end of things- I'm still on the blues, and we want this first issue ready for AnimeBoston. I am determined to get it!), and hanging with Doc and Rapture.

Tonight, the three of us are heading out to a zombie contest. It has been a pleasant distraction, having something to work on. We only wish the Captain was up here with us for this one. But I'm about to make some peanut butter blood to put on a femur so I can have that to gnaw on; Rapture is doing the spilling intestines I just finished stitching up and that are waiting for their innards; and Doc is going to try out the Two-Face stretched lip trick. I believe we're all going to end up with areas of tear-away rotting skin. :D

I've never been a zombie before. Well, not actively gotten made up in zombie make-up. I've ended up working the graveyard on the Trail before, but that's about it. I'm looking forward to it. Rapture and I swung by Salvation Army today and bought a bunch of stuff that was 50% off to tear up. We should have pictures later.

Later this week, too, Rapture and I are going to try another couple outfits for my steampunk pin-up. If I could just get my hands on a good place to take the photos and someone who has an idea on make-up and hair, I could actually get some REAL ones of these done. But for now, I'm doing what I can.

Oh, and, still haven't sold my car. :( Spent my last $5 today. Hurray! ...or not. Time to start scrounging around the bottoms of my bags for change.

And that is the report up in Maine, as I wait around for the Icarus to take her first flight. ^_^

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