Friday, March 13

Brief yet triumphant post.


The Icarus is still in the shop. Nothing bad, just waiting on parts. The Fuses and Lights had rusted out, so the mechanic is replacing them. Besides that, everything has been routine. The old girl is in damn good condition. She looks older, but she will run well enough.
I would just like to get rid of the carpet, which my brother is helping me with. Plus I would like to get rid of the writing and logos on the thing. 'Heritage' painted across the front isn't my idea of style.

In a nice change of pace, good things are happening all around. Well, there is still a lot of bad...what with the need for some money to start off...but I am feeling better-ish about a lot of things.
I'll be heading into Gloucester tomorrow night to see 'What time is it Mr. Fox?'. They are a wonderful and gloomy piano and violin duo. It should be a good time.

I am starting to make a list of things I need to do and get before this Vagabondage (which is a word I REEEEALLY like.) occurs. Most important of these things is to acquire some external storage for our roof. We plan to store our costuming and prop stuff up there, so we have only the personals and essentials below deck.

More details to come!

~Captain JHW


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