Wednesday, February 4

Whisper, checking in

So a little about my side of things.

The Captain explained a bunch about the Dreadfuls, our steam-pirate crew (which includes me, him, and Rapture, but also the General, Doc West, Lucretia, a skull, and an imaginary girl.  Beyond them, we also consider The Baron and his staff, Verbana and Mr. Smittenworth, and the Brothers McManniss to be in the Penny Dreadful family).  Steampunk and the Dreadfuls have really been the catalyst to everything I've started on this past year.  Costumes, projects, artwork, even friendships.

For me, the whole "Flight of the Icarus" started in reaction to a series of failures.  We're all pretty good at that, actually, failing epically.  My job was ending; my lease was up.  I had no other prospects.  So instead of letting these things get me down, I decided to follow the saying of "When you find yourself falling into madness, dive."  And so, taking the Do-EVERYTHING-Yourself ethic from steampunk, I dive.

My last day "on the ground" was Sunday.  Since then, I have been crashing at the Baron's for a few days.  My current status has forced me to get rid of most of my worldly possessions (including the only really painful part, which was finding a new home for my 8 year old cat).  Verbana is still helping me sell off some of the other items so that I might have a little more petty cash for the road.  Other than that, I am hanging with the Baron an Smittenworth and attempting to sell my current vehicle for February 12th- when Rapture picks me up to head to his place and make the final purchase on The Icarus.

We have a gaming convention down in Rhode Island this weekend, TempleCon.  The Penny Dreadfuls are guests there.  It's going to be a blast.  One last hurrah with most of the others before we dive into getting the Icarus road-worthy.  After that, I'll either be crashing at another friend's apartment in Boston or helping the Baron and Smittenworth house-sit.  Then up to Rapture's.

I'm anxious to start on Icarus, both getting the ship ready to sail and getting out on that ocean of a world.  I have a bit of juggling to do, once I know we have her.  Things like getting her registered and inspected and then to our guy for the first leg of the work.

I also worry on a bit of a personal level but not enough to really freak me out.  I'm willing to try a lot of artistic endeavors to earn my way on things.  I'm trying to stay encouraging that we'll be fine and make it, and I am ultimately confident that we will, but I think it will be a lot of psyching each other up that will get us to actually reach our full potential.  And that full potential is just burbling beneath the surface.  I can see it in each of us.  All of my friends are so terrifyingly talented.  I wish there was an easy way to wake it all up!

I'm *curious* to see who we will become over the course of this journey.  And how fast those changes may occur, or may not.  I wonder about the people we will meet, the good and the bad, some who will understand, some who will be confused, and some who will be inspired by us.  I look forward to all the experiences.  The fun and the horror.  The laughs, the stories, the overwhelming frustration.  It's all on the horizon.

Well, I think that's about enough from me for now.  I should probably get back to helping teach Smittenworth how to play Magic the Gathering for the con this weekend. ^_^

Until next time, all best and much love,


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