Wednesday, February 4

Salutations from the Captain

Seeing as this is the first post, I figured I should say a few things about what our Blog is all about.


Almost a year ago, myself and a number of friends started working on steampunk art and costume projects. It was all for our own personal entertainment at first. Within a months time the reaction to our steampunk work brought us attention, so we delved deeper into not only the aesthetic, but the culture. Months and months later, it has completely changed how we live our lives, as well as how we interact with others. We've found a strange level of confidence as the 'Steampunk Sky Pirate crew, the Penny Dreadfuls'. It's brought us to a number of strange and entertaining places. But most of all, it has allowed us to act in a fashion we find pleasing not just to ourselves, but to others.
This long story short, Whiper Merlot, Hugo Rapture, and yours truely, The Captain, decided to venture out of our comfort zone. We are investing our money in a 26' 1978 Ford RV, and we are going to live on the road. We've always discussed backpacking or from place to was a sort of romantic dream. When the actual opportunity presented itself a few months ago, we pounced. We never would have done this if it weren't for the confidence and support we gained from our pirate crew. These are some of the most important people to me, and I am glad to be a Penny Dreadful with them.
We ar currently in the process of securing the RV and preparing to modify it over the next month or two. We will keep you posted on the process. Hopefully we'll have some pictures for you once we grab it.

So, we are going to blog about this journey. Hopefully we can pass along something through this process to you.
I sincerely hope our trip will inspire you in some way. This process has already been the most positive thing to ever happen to me, and I want to share that with anyone who cares to listen. Here's to the SS Icarus' maiden voyage!

Captain Jeramiah Homer-Winslow

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