Monday, February 9

"Things are gonna change, I can feel it"

We all just got in from TempleCon this weekend, which was effin' amazing. But what you all want to hear about are the emails I got from our guy in Maine with the Icarus.

So! The gent has put in all the things which needed to be put in, including the extra $26 worth of parts (cheap!!) that will help it pass inspection. He is going to hear from the inspector guy he is getting out to it today or tomorrow, so hopefully the inspector will get there tomorrow.

He also offered to deliver it, since he has a trailer, to deliver it somewhere since that may be easier. Now we just have to figure out when and figure out where to.

At this point, I think Rapture and I may head up there Thursday or over the weekend to make the purchase- assuming I can secure one of the people interested in buying my car!- and then have it delivered later in the week. Perhaps to the Captain's brother if he has a place? We shall find out.

Whisper's To Do List:

* Sell car
* Get temporary "ICARUS" plates
* Get picked up by Rapture on Thursday
...-Get belongings from old apartment for RV
...-Get 'everyday living' stuff from the Baron's
* Shovel out a space for the Icarus at Rapture's
* Purchase Icarus
* Get Icarus delivered/take her ourselves
* Start working on her!

After that'll need its own to-do list, because we'll figure out what there is to be doing.

The inside of Icarus has been all cleared out, the gent said. And he patched up the rust spots on the wheel well, saying "It doesn't look like a million bucks" to which I laughed. We of all people do *not* need things looking like a million bucks! Patched up and "road-worthy" are all I'm looking for!

All right. I need to get back to work on selling things. But I just figured I would punch in and give an update.

Much love,


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