Thursday, May 20

It's over!

Steampunk Worlds Fair is over.

Thank you everyone who came out, in, up, down, left, right, whatever, to make it to SPWF and make it awesome. All we really did was put you all in a pair of hotels together, and YOU made this event. It could not have been done without you: staff, attendees, vendors, volunteers, and performers. And the hotel, the Radisson especially, was awesome to us.

So thank you. This event is truly yours.

I hope you had a good time.

In other "it's over" news, Cap and I have gone stationary from now through end of June. We'll be in CT for July, then back down to NJ for August. What happens after that, not sure.

I know we are most likely looking to sell The Icarus though. I think our days of being transient are for the moment over, but they could pick back up at any time.

Thank you everyone who has read this blog over the past year or so. I am happy to have been able to bring what little tales I did bring to you :D We lasted almost 1 full year before we had to settle for a bit. I hope in the future we can go travel for the spring, summer, and fall, and just be stationary for winter. But right now we need to build up: we need to get a new vehicle because the Icarus barely made last legs down to New Jersey and she's pretty much dead despite all of the work that has gone into her. I'm sure we'll give her a proper send off when the time comes.


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  1. You guys did an awesome job, Whisper! Will be nice to finally neet you in July, if your in town sooner contact me, I'll we working on the big show!


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