Saturday, February 27

...wherein the Captain makes a bunch of links.

Huzzah! Wicked is over! Smashing!
Though we spent most of our time trapped in the Steampunk playground, it was rather fun. Everything kept changing as to what we needed to do, what we could do, and what we had. It was all very organic, growing and shifting and changing on us. Of course, when planting a radish, you expect to grow a radish. Not a turnip. Ah well. T'was a blast nonetheless!
Plus, Project Munchausen was a success. HUGE success. Everyone loved it, and some of the best quotes of the weekend came from having Voltaire, Jeff Mach, Hugh Casey, and Daniel Greenwolf just shooting the shit together. Oh, and let's not forget the fantastic Gypsy Nomads, the band Coyote Run, and White Elephant Burlesque Society. The only three shows I got to get away for all weekend. Luckily, I chose some GREAT ones!

Now, we just have to get ready for the Big Brass Ball, I-con, and a half a dozen other Conventions over the next two months. Oi. It's going to be a looooong few months. Our work load is rocketing through the roof. We may even be making an appearance in Texas, Of all places! More news on that later.

I suppose I should come back to this later, and potentially update more on what we are planning, talk about some merch we are making, bring up some other jobs we are taking on...But I am tired, and I have a Wicked Faire after Party to attend tomorrow. *crosses fingers for scotch and rum*

This year is turning out to be a fucking AMAZING one so far! Great things are happening, and I am just going to let them.

Let's see where this wave takes us.

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