Wednesday, February 17

From the Professor, A Wicked Poem...

Twas the Night Before Wicked and all through the Sky ship
Not a creature made sound, not even a drip.

And Whisper in her hammock and I in my bunk,
had just settled down, for we had been quiet drunk!

when up on the deck there arouse such a disturbance
The General ran off for hopeful battle in earnest!

We all arose quickly to see who dared attack!
but on our dark deck stood only Jeff Mach.

He was pleasant and plump and had a bag full of junk,
I laughed when I saw him... for I still was a tad drunk!

Come to Wicked dear Dreadfuls he said with a smile,
and we all knew right then it would take only a while,

To reach the southlands and the fabled New Jersey!
Where Cap said, it was more then possible to develop "the scurvy!"

To Wicked we go! Fear the Dreadfuls arrive!
Captain Homer-Winslow leading his, fearsome five!

There's Whisper, the General, Lucretia n' myself
and Alan of course that enchanted skull Grelf!

See you at Wicked, my dears, we shall be there indeed!
Merry Wicked to All, on this All Wicked's Eve!!

---Professor Ulysses Marvel

Thanks Professor!

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