Saturday, October 10

Cons! So many cons!

Our buddy Matt, from the L33tStr33t Boys, has asked us to help out with Otakufest 2 Boston! So the Penny Dreadfuls will be making an appearance there!

It is in Salem, MA on Salem State campus March 7, 2010. One day only- don't miss it!

O2B is a "50/50 deal" according to the site: half anime con, half concert event! Kaiju Big Battel, L33tStr33t Boys, geek comedian Uncle Yo, and us. How is this a bad plan? ^_^ Oh and Marz! We love Marz! He is awesome, and apparently for the second year in a row Marz will be their MC. XD Epic!


We're closing in on Baku-time! Halloween weekend! Colchester, VT. Who's gonna be there? ^_^

Then after that, it looks like we won't be able to make it to New England Fan Experience which is a real downer- I was looking forward to trying to find John de Lancie and be a fan-girl-from-afar. I've been showing Cap ST:TNG, lately, and yeah. Woulda been a good time, but we cannot afford to go to the con since the Woods didn't hire me back for anything this year. We had an offer of someone paying for us and we'd pay back later, but that was hinging on us getting a table there... which the time for that seems to have passed. Lamesauce. :(

But then! Then! We finish the year out with Another Anime Con. I love Nashua, NH and hope to some day live there again if I settle into a stationary life for any period of time. But AAC is going to be a blast! And Lucretia will be gracing the halls with her presence as Miss Trap 2008. Who will be Miss Trap 2009?! Come find out! We only regret that our buddy, The Internet, will be down in Virginia that weekend for Anime USA. And that he is also taking the General along with him. Ha! Sorry for you, Virginia!


After the break, we're starting the year with TempleCon- one of our other favorite cons. It's in Warwick, RI and a steampunk-flavored gaming con! If you're any kind of gaming geek- and I mean ANY- you have to come to this!

Then we have Jeff Mach's Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire! I am getting really excited for this one, and look forward to decorating the hell out of the venue!

All right, it's almost midnight. I don't want to be online at midnight so I will talk to you later, guys! COME TO THE CONS!

Much love,


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