Thursday, July 30

Weekend of Wrong; ConnectiCon 2009

Hey guys, exciting news!

At the Weekend of Wrong at Midsummer Magick Faire this coming weekend, Jeff Mach has announced that we have a couple awesome guests coming:

The world-famous "Gypsy Nomads" ( will be performing their music this weekend, and famed steampunk author G.D. Falksen will be appearing on Sunday.

This is also our “anything goes” costume weekend!

So come on down, it's going to be wacky and awesometastic.

And then, over at Hartford, CT, the Dreadfuls will be putting on four panels, an impromptu sky-pirate shindy, and a steampunk photo session!

Steampunk 101
Room 15 (I thin- the big one at the end on the left-hand side, upstairs)
2:00pm Friday

Bring your camera and best steamgear for the photo session on the main staircase at 3:30 on Friday!

Steampunk Culture
Room 15 again
5:00pm Friday

Sky-pirate Shindy
Likely at the end of one of the upstairs hallways, probably around 8:30 or 9pm Friday night.
Bring your dancing shoes! We'll be playing everything from Dr. Steel and The Dresden Dolls to Gogol Bordello and Two-Man Gentleman Band!


Steampunk Costumes and Props
Room 16 (the one right before the last one on the left hallway, upstairs)
8:30pm Saturday

Enthusiast's Guide to Steampunk in the Media
Room 16
10:00pm Saturday

The Saturday panels are held opposite the Masquerade, I believe, in a smaller room than the Friday ones.

COME SEE US! Midsummer Magick! CT-con!

We miss you all and look forward to seeing our CT-con friends once more.

Much love,


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  1. Welcome chaps and chapesses. I feel I am living on the wrong continent at the present (London, UK) and should be there where my hearat is in New England


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