Tuesday, July 28


Connecticon this weekend, we have two bodies that need a place to crash for the con. If anyone knows of a space, a floor, a bed, a couch, etc...

they are good folk, and they certainly aren't vampires waiting to drain your hemoglobin when you go to sleep.
I'm 87% sure of that!

Phone tree, people! Phone tree!
Get back to us at ssicarus@yahoo.com and let us know if you can support them. We will do naughty things for you! (wink wink)


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  1. First, probably yes. Do you need a place to park the ccarrus too, or just to crash? You can prolly stay with us since apparently my cousins' parents' don't care how many people crash there. I'll call you tomorrow after I doublecheck with them.

    And second, you still owe me a god damned blow job for the last time I saved your asses. XP


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