Tuesday, July 7

The next few weeks...

...we will have super sporadic internet abilities.

Cap and I are about to head over to Ashley's house for sign painting for MidSummer Magick Faire. (midsummermagickfaire.com! Oxford, CT!) Then, we are coming back to Carli's, somehow, and packing up everything to head over to the faire site, where we will be camping for pretty much the next 3 1/2 weeks.

Rapture is coming down here some time the end of this week, and he will be here for 3 weeks as well.

The Faire starts on the 18th. It runs that weekend, the weekend of the 25th, and the weekend of August 1st.

July 31st, all day, we will be in Hartford, CT for ConnectiCon. August 1st, we will be there in the evening and leaving in the morning on the 2nd. So if you want to see us.... that's when you can!

I am hopefully going to be able to sell some of my steampunk Lolita hats at one person's table, and then maybe my ball-jointed doll sized steampunk Lolita hats at another. And then maybe a few other of our steampunk items at other peoples' tables, but it depends on who is there and what we have.

CT-con is about the only money we will be making this month, so please come find us and our stuff! ^_^ If you don't know what other items we make, just ask me- we do commissions on things when we can. I am trying to have a bustle or two done for CT-con as well, but I am not putting any definite on it until it is done.

Then we have until the end of August to make our way with whatever we get from CT-con, when we have a table at Pi-Con (I am pretty sure...)

So yeah! Buy my crafty items? ^_^ Or throw a buck or two my way on PayPal, if'n you want (vigokosaru at yahoo)

Love you all, and I will post again when we have the internet to let you know how fairs the Faire!

All best and much love,


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