Sunday, July 12

And we're back up to 3!

Just for a little while, but we're back up to 3 Dreadfuls on the road. Sort of.

Rapture arrived yesterday (after slogging through traffic and a flat tire.) We are heading over to the faire grounds today, for rehearsal and for setting the Icarus up. I am displeased with the amount of bugs there, and if I could get my hands on some tent netting, I'd be happier. See, the bugs are so tiny, they will be able to get in through out screen windows. Grah!

But yes. Rapture is here! He will be with us from now until next Monday, when he goes away until that Friday. He'll be back for the Faire's second weekend, leaving on Monday again, back on Thursday, since we have ConnectiCon on Friday.

Then we have ConnectiCon! And Faire will be over.

BUT! The last weekend is going steampunk!

We'll be there all weekend, but we're going steampunk, and trying to bring in more steampunks.

Jeff has confirmed G.D. Falksen for August 2nd, as a vendor I believe. ^_^

So come on down! We're not that far from NYC!

And once more! Thank you everyone who has been helping us out on the road. Every little bit has helped. And, as usual, any PayPal aid can be sent to vigokosaru at yahoo!

All best and much love,


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