Friday, May 8

Hey guys, wait up! I fell on my keys!

Christ... that last post was a bit of a downer.

But you should read some of the shit I've written in the past on livejournal...dear god! Pretentious and brooding... everything Tim Burton wants to be and more! (though without the quite so wacky hair.)

Zombie Walk is today. Not sure how much I am looking forward to it. Been kinda strung out and angry. I've been wanting to bludgeon people for the slightest things. Rapture keeps saying ' the beauty thing is..." instead of "the beauty of it is..." and I wanted to knock his jaw into his skull with a shovel!
I'm losing my grip. It's only a short time before my composure is compromised. Probably by something trivial as well. Thats how things go.

I'm making Gaiters. Basically bigger versions of Spaterdashes. What's a Spaterdash, you ask? well, let me tell you this... GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND.
I've also been working on knot tying and rope work. I also had a brief introduction to Poi yesterday. Those two thoughts overlap when I tell you I made a monkey fist rope poi for myself to practice with! Suffice to say, I have hit myself in the head and groin many times since the construction of these wicked rope balls. But I can now manage a figure 8 and only hit myself half the time! Huzzah!

Once again, I had trouble explaining to people what we do. I had maybe five people in one afternoon ask me, and I couldn't pitch it properly.
What do I do? Christ, whatever I want to do! If I want to try something, I am going to damn well try it! No, I don't have a job, or a prevalent skill, or a natural talent. I just like to DO and I like to LEARN and I know what I enjoy and what I don't. I want to DO more. I want to ENJOY more.
I don't know how to tell people that!
Hell, I even feel like every achievement I tell them is somehow a lie or a half truth. I tell them I do costuming or performance work, and I have next to nothing to show for it. Makes me feel fake.
Faux Cap-E-Tan.

My mind is racing. Lack of sleep and and over active thought process. Like mixing stupidity and gasoline. Not a fun time. But HILARIOUS to watch on tape after the hospital visit is over with.

Oh, and on that note, when I was 'learning' poi, I got to watch some of them do Fire Poi. Katie got some awesome pictures of it. Us in a back lot with a group of people watching fire spin around and roar like beast. Good times. I like good times.

I think I should maybe make another Steampunk post soon. Maybe post some issues I have been having with people lately, and some of the awesome that is still being squeezed out of the ... scene? Genre? Hobby? what the hell is it called?

I'm going to go pretend to sleep... maybe I will learn to do some actual sleep in that time of practice!

Hugs and Bludgeonings (heavy on the bludgeoning)

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  1. greetings! I came upon the following:

    It's a weekend camping jam session. I supposed its mostly for musicians to come set up tents and live music (it's like a woodstock). I dont believe there's costuming or classes held on it, but I think if you contact the organizer he'd be cool with incorporating that. His name is Roland and he's pretty open to anything. Plus I think the steampunk aspect would intrigue him to no-end.

    Prof. P.


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